Who we are

Our journey of creativity

We are creators of child-centered environment which evokes children’s sense of creativity and inspire them to learn.

edu2 story has begun in 2012 when the first Educational Play Light Table was created. At that time there were just a few people who had heard of the light table before but soon it caught attention of many parents and their children.

Light continues to inspire and challenge us. Due to this passion MONAI light table was born. Its’ organic shape and magical light evokes a sense of nature. We are happy that MONAI received Silver IDA 2015 Design award (USA, California). In 2016 MONAI was awarded Good Design of Lithuania. Also, in 2017 MONAI won Gold A’ Design award in Lighting Products Category! It is an award given to top 3 percentile designs that has demonstrated an exemplary level of originality. We are still continuing to improve MONAI so that many of you could experience the ambiance it has to offer.

After 70% of home market’s kindergartens bought our edu2 Play Light Table, we knew that we need to move on and come up with fresh ideas. We strived to create more products for children which would be excellent in design and function. We developed edu2 Sensory Play Space Divider with 685 holes to elevate everyday sensory experience. Our endeavours and great design were recognized by Gold A’ Design award in Children’s Products Design Category, 2017-2018. Our Sensory Play Space Divider was exhibited at National Gallery of Art in exhibition “Stories of things. Lithuanian design 1918-2018”.

We care about children and their well-being so we contribute to socially responsible projects such as Happimess initiative which helps children who are suffering from oncological diseases.

We are curious about the future so we were excited to participate at first TEDXKids@Vilnius conference “Day at Future School” where children had the opportunity to engage in various creative activities to build a foundation for the future school.

In 2018 we participated in 3 conferences where we spread the word about environment which inspires children’s imagination.

We are extremely happy that our client is not only from Lithuania but all around the world. Only in 2018 we shipped our products to 14 different countries in the world! 

2019 has started with the participation in the biggest Toy Fair Spielwarenmesse in Germany. Visitors were impressed by our products’ quality, aesthetic design, and educational value.

We are proud of creating products which could be passed from one generation to another. Let’s develop a place where creativity flourishes!

Our team