Who we are

We are people who believe in the power of creative education. Each child has her or his own unique greatness. Developing the tools and toys for nurturing this greatness and empowering children to become his or her best self mark our everyday work.


Express the world

The early childhood is a special stage of development wherein the child is marked by exceptional curiosity and interest in everything there is in this world…every day, every hour and minute. To understand the children we try to listen closely to what they say, watch their facial expressions and looks in their eyes, analyse their drawings. Children communicate via emotions, shadow play, music, art of sculpture, storytelling, drawing, drama and a multitude of other verbal and non-verbal means of self-expression. We as adults can help them by listening and giving time and space to express themselves.

Our creators

Developing the progress is what we do and love

We search for and develop innovative ideas and projects in education and healthcare. It is important for us to develop ideas with a long-term impact on well-being of individuals and societies. Progress evolution is the process we enjoy, and happy, prosperous society is where we want to live in.

Our first project is edu2, creative educational products.  Creativity is the predecessor and precondition for innovation. Therefore, we believe that developing creativity in our children is the duty to be shared with teachers and parents.