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Mysterious world of reflections. Will you dare to look?

„Environment is the third teacher“ said early childhood educator Reggio Emilia. Making a truly inspiring and interesting space for children is important for their development. Struggling how to do it? Use mirrors! A psychiatrist Jacques Lacan noticed that babies between … daugiau

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One Light Table – Countless Stories

When children see a light table for the first time, it looks like a miracle. As bonfire light attracts all kind of little living beings, the light table attracts children and reveals its’ secrets. A tree leaf, transparent gem, sand … daugiau

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7 ways to set up an inspiring environment

It has always been intuitively obvious to me that the environment is a source of inspiration, good mood, and motivation. Whenever I feel a need for inspiration, I take a walk, drive to the countryside, and change the environment. Going … daugiau

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