MONAI Light Table

MONAI is our new light marvel, and we are really proud of it. In 2017 MONAI has been awarded the Golden A’ Design Award in Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Category!

While usual illumination is just a source of light, MONAI is a source of better feeling. MONAI light table can be used as a lighting source, play table for relaxation, painting platform for children, or simply a marvellous piece of interior.

The Golden A’ Design Award is a prestigious award given to top 3% percentile designs that has attained an exemplary level of originality in design.

In May 2016 we’ve been awarded GOOD DESIGN of Lithuania!

Also, MONAI received Silver IDA 2015 Design award (California). The International Design Awards (IDA) exists to recognize, celebrate and promote legendary design visionaries and to uncover emerging talent in Architecture, Interior, Product, Graphic, and Fashion Design.

In 2015 Lithuania’s Ministry of Economy awarded MONAI as the best innovative project in the category of new manufacturing processes, materials and technology. The award is dedicated for business’s ability to adapt the latest scientific discoveries.


MONAI is a product with traditional and modern elements. The shape of MONAI light platform was inspired by the objects found in nature, like the sun or moon. Apart from crystals and broken rocks, not much else in nature comes with sharp angles. We have an eye for rounded corners because they’re more organic to how we use to everyday objects.

MONAI is a very light and elegant table and has removable legs. This quality allows to put MONAI on a bed, couch or move into another space. Light table MONAI can be easily moved through a domestic or office setting, creating a cozy zone where you want to stay. Our light table finds its own place in the office, studio, living room or kids’ room.

While the table is a basic utilitarian object, MONAI was transformed into something that evokes a sense of the nature. This table expresses a magnificent aesthetic while is still being functional. MONAI establishes the new approach about functional furniture.

Creativity & Coziness 

MONAI means magic, charm in Lithuanian, one of the oldest languages on Earth. MONAI fuels creativity, invigorates people and turns your space into a magical world.

As a fire used to bring people around the flame, MONAI also brings family members together. It can serve as the main source of light in the room or as a coffee table.

Kids, (in fact, adults too!) can find it amusing to paint directly on the light table with thick paint and watch how the light enriches the colours of the creations.

MONAI light table can be simply used as a platform of relaxation while enjoying relaxing sand play.

We also wanted to introduce a fantasy element, that allows to escape from daily routine and create a pleasant sense of nature. Our light table has extra accessories which can be put on the top of MONAI. It has different shapes such as shells, tree leaves or mandalas. It enables you to feel better connection with the nature and awaken your full creativity.

A beautifully-crafted table serves as a source of imagination and lift your wings. Imagination is the beginning of a better tomorrow.

How we made MONAI

We are proud to present our latest product because it is made of the best materials and advanced technologies. We pay a lot of attention to the details and we made MONAI with precision. We wanted all parts to achieve design and functional efficiency. It is made of high quality and eco-friendly materials. Our new product is made of plywood with an oak veneer and fortified glass. Under the glass we have powerful LED, giving a warm light that illuminates spaces in a cozy way.

You can now pre-order MONAI! Keep in mind that production can take up to two months. But no doubt it will be worth to wait!

MONAI Light Table


MONAI is a award-winning light table, which merges smart lighting technology, nature-inspired design, and human imagination. MONAI can be used as a lighting source, light play table for relaxation, painting platform for children, or simply a marvellous piece of interior.