Creativity set Nature

Play and learn on the Edu2 light table with our creativity and learning kits.

Letters and numbers will help your children to start reading and counting. Translucent shapes with letters and numbers connect with each other so that children could construct collored illuminated towers on the Edu2 table.

Sea tales and Forest tales consist of themed shapes, which can be put on the surface of Edu2 light table, and in in combination with each other, can be constructed into volumetric structures. The kits will allow children to create and follow stories of their own. They will develop imagination and improve story-telling skills of children.

Sand Gardens and Nature will inspire children play and creating with natural materials – sand,  color pebbles, sea shells, sea washed twigs, lotus ring, citrus slices, leaves, dried fruit shells.

Creativity set Nature


Natural and color sand, translucent color glass stones, citrus slices, leaf skeletons, sea shells, starfish.

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