MONAI is our new light marvel, and we are really proud of it. In May 2016 we’ve been awarded GOOD DESIGN of Lithuania!

MONAI will be available in a few months when we develop additional features to the product. We are developing a mobile application that would make all personal adjustments easier. You will be able to turn on MONAI before you wake up in the morning. Scientific studies have proved that a wake-up light a half an hour before you have to get up will help you rise and shine on a long day.


MONAI means magic, charm in Lithuanian, one of the oldest languages on Earth. MONAI fuels creativity, invigorates people and turns your space into a magical world.

It is a unique lighting platform where human-centric lighting technology and nature inspired design merge together. MONAI adjusts to the daytime automatically and lights up your space by intensive blue light in the morning or relaxing warm color at night. It keeps you awake in the first part of a day and helps you to get asleep. MONAI can be used as a healthy lighting source, light play table for relaxation, painting platform for children, or simply a marvelous piece of interior.

SandPlay on MONAI

Waking up in the morning can be a real effort for many people, especially when it is dark outside. There are lots of tricks to help you get out the bed, like cold showers, moving your alarm clock far from the bed, training your will power, and many others. However, the right lighting can be the most effective solution.

Human-centric lighting technology of MONAI mimics natural daylight. All people naturally experience different levels of sleepiness and alertness throughout the day. If the light is bright and blueish, you are more productive. But in the evening you need different light, because at that time melatonin levels rise and stay elevated throughout the night, promoting sleep. MONAI lights will adjust to the daytime automatically towards the warmer (yellower) colors in the spectrum, reducing blue light.

Painting on MONAI

How we made MONAI?

The product was manufactured in a close cooperation with the scientific researchers of Lighting and Electronics System Lab at Vilnius University. Ph.D. degree at the Faculty of Physics of Vilnius University. Pranciskus Vitta, Ph.D., holds three patents on solid-state sources of light and is coauthor of more than 50 technical papers on the topic.

MONAI can be set to adjust the right light automatically. For the first time you just need to set a time zone and the light will adjust to the daytime without any additional efforts. Moreover, you can save up to 10 individual day rhythms, if you have such a need.

We installed three types of LEDs inside MONAI: Daylight (6500 K), Warm White (2700 K), and PC Amber. First two ones are of high colour rendering capability (CRI Ra 90) and amber is for low melanopic activity “firelight” spectrum for late evening or night light. The spectral composition is controlled by microcontroller with installed circadian rhythm entrainment firmware, Bluetooth communication module and autonomous clock/timer circuit.

Prototyping MONAI


The shape of MONAI light platform was inspired by the objects found in nature, like the sun or moon. Apart from crystals and broken rocks, not much else in nature comes with sharp angles. We have an eye for rounded corners because they’re more organic to how we use everyday objects.

Nature patterns MONAI

Creativity & Coziness

As a fire used to bring people around the flame, MONAI also brings family members together. It can serve as the main source of light in the room. While kids can enjoy their time by the table, adults can read, play chess or it can be simply used as a form of relaxation or a stress relief after a hard day.

Family time with MONAI