How to Adapt to the Change during Quarantine?

Coronavirus is our reality nowadays and we hope that each of us is taking measures to ensure our well-being. Educators and parents are facing a great challenge to reorganize children’s education at home. New ways and materials are helping to adapt to the changing situation and solve problems creatively. No doubt that creativity is the literacy of the modern era!

We are working to collect the best advice and interesting activities to ensure an easier adaptation for all of us.


Let’s start!

  1. It is important to set up the new routine as children might get on holiday mode quickly. Talk together and decide what kind of routine will work for your family, including educational activities on the agenda, and observe which activities are getting the best response.
  2. Join online communities! Share your experience and get new ideas. Modern technologies will not make you feel alone. If you are working in the kindergartens or schools, send newsletters for parents with activities of the day.
  3. Share interesting sites and educational material with others. You can start by exploring National Geographic Kids!
  4. Don’t forget about yourself – try out some virtual museum tours (Virtual museums) or listen to podcasts (100 podcasts worth listening).

New Routine

Even though in the educational environment, it is clear how to keep the learning pace, at home, it might be difficult to keep it during the first days. 

Don’t worry, we made you an example of how a daily schedule might look like!

Share the schedule with those who might be struggling. 

If you are working in an educational institution, ask parents to share their insights and give feedback about their time at home. 

Let’s react and initiate some new things together!

IDEA for academic time with technologies – watch TEDed videos on various topics -> HERE!

Team Spirit

Keeping in touch with a team is critical at this time. No matter whether you are a boss or an employee, suggest your teammates learn something new every week and dedicate some time to share it with everyone.

It doesn’t need to be something big – cook a new dish, learn a new song, or read an interesting article. Share what excites you at this time!

We are a part of the community, thus don’t forget those who struggle greatly during this time – elderly, people with special needs, or families with many children. Be supportive and offer your help.

Check this out 

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Virtual Museum Tours

More than 1,000 free movie classics

Stay calm and set an example for the children.

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