edu2 ambassador

You still might make several questions why it is worth being edu2 ambassador…

What are edu2 ambassadors?

Edu2 ambassadors are our brand ambassadors. They are community members interested in early childhood education and ways to make every day play for children creative and innovative. Edu2 ambassadors connect with one another online and get exclusive content and have a chance to build their social presence through our channels.

What would I do?

Spread the word about edu2 in your family, friends’ circle, work network, and your community.  Send a link to the people to become a part of our community and remind them to mention your name when signing up.

Give feedback and brainstorm about new product ideas with edu2

Share the experience and participate in conversations with like-minded community members

What would I get?

-> Unique play ideas

-> An invite to edu2 private Facebook group where you can connect, share, and discuss with other ambassadors.

-> Early access to products and involvement into product development process

-> Special gifts from us on occasions

-> Social presence through our channels – make it to the ambassadors’ board and give an interview!

-> An opportunity to participate in giveaways

How to become one?

Get 10 people to subscribe to edu2 newsletter by sharing our landing page link. Remind them to refer you in the field “Who recommended you to join?”

If you have any questions or suggestions, email me

Hope to see you as the new edu2 ambassador!