Mysterious world of reflections. Will you dare to look?

„Environment is the third teacher“ said early childhood educator Reggio Emilia. Making a truly inspiring and interesting space for children is important for their development. Struggling how to do it? Use mirrors! A psychiatrist Jacques Lacan noticed that babies between … daugiau

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What if…you could encourage creativity with a simple question?

Congratulations on starting the new year! No doubt that you have already started to think about your goals. This year I promised myself to try to see usual things differently and word ‘creativity’ popped into my head. It is now so … daugiau

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The Power of Friendship

Early childhood educator Magda Gerber encouraged parents to let their children to make choices from an early age. Even when they are just infants and totally depend on us, they can show whether they want to be hold by the … daugiau

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Boredom equals happiness?

August has almost approached but there is still plenty of time for summer holidays. What do your children in summer? Visits grandparents? Attend sports, coding, or art camps? Or maybe you let them stay at home and play on their own? In … daugiau

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One Light Table – Countless Stories

When children see a light table for the first time, it looks like a miracle. As bonfire light attracts all kind of little living beings, the light table attracts children and reveals its’ secrets. A tree leaf, transparent gem, sand … daugiau

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7 ways to set up an inspiring environment

It has always been intuitively obvious to me that the environment is a source of inspiration, good mood, and motivation. Whenever I feel a need for inspiration, I take a walk, drive to the countryside, and change the environment. Going … daugiau

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