Being Kind Together

This year Easter will be different than ever before. We will not be surrounded by our relatives but we can still be grateful for the awakening of nature.

Let’s stop for a moment and feel some joy together. At this point, every good word said to yourself or others, is of special value.

Together with children ask yourself the following questions each day:

– What am I grateful for today?

– Who did I help today? 

– What was the best moment of the day?

Write down your answers or suggest little ones to draw them instead. Seeing thoughts written on the paper helps the practice to be more purposeful.

Incorporating Kindness Curricular into your everyday activities will help to spread and grow kindness in the hearts of the little ones. 

We want to wish you a beautiful Easter and have a gift for you -> Kindness Activities that you can download and start doing today. Click HERE!

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