Back to School. What to Expect?

Summer is coming to an end, and we find ourselves wondering about autumn. The beginning of the school year even previously caused many concerns, while now we are thinking about how it will look like. COVID-19 disrupted our everyday life and will possibly change our plans in the future.

Here, in Lithuania, we will celebrate the beginning of the school year in the classrooms. Children are happy to see their friends in person. In other countries, the situation might be different.

The newest research indicates that pre-schoolers do not transfer the virus that easily like older children (10-19 years old) or adults. Therefore, scientists believe that there is a slim chance that kindergartens will become the main centers for the virus to spread. That is great news! Little ones are the ones that need face-to-face communication and the opportunity to meet their play friends the most as this is how they learn about the world.

We need to be cautious, yet can still enjoy meeting each other in person. After the holidays, keep in mind:

Be ready for changes in the learning environment. September usually greets us with great weather so enjoy all activities outside and do not rush to the closed spaces. Once you will move inside, keep in mind that the best practices indicate that small groups of children in the classrooms and having all activities in one room helps to prevent the virus from spreading. 

Be ready to move to distance learning. Parents and teachers have to be ready that at every time the learning process may be continued virtually. We have to make sure for it to be as smooth as possible. During the Spring, we have seen what challenges it creates so now it is time to be prepared better (we have previously written about this)

Create a homeschooling corner. It is a great time to prepare a learning corner in the house where a child can have its space with all the tools. If you have a preschooler, the light table is very useful for various educational activities. Light attracts children’s attention and keeps them focused while doing different tasks. Later on, it can be used for doing homework. 

Talk. Autumn is always a time for changes, thus it is important to talk about our concerns, fears, and encourage each other. Finish your day by saying things that you are grateful for. This exercise will help you to enjoy the present more.

We are excited about the new beginning!


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