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Back to School. What to Expect?

Summer is coming to an end, and we find ourselves wondering about autumn. The beginning of the school year even previously caused many concerns, while now we are thinking about how it will look like. COVID-19 disrupted our everyday life … daugiau

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How Will Education Change After Quarantine

….until the next quarantine? Slowly we are getting back to our life “before the quarantine”, however, we feel the impact it has made to the daily routine. Kindergartens, libraries, cafes are opening up, yet the comeback feels fragile. We don’t … daugiau

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A Light Table Is Not Only for a Sand Play! (?)

Since the very first day edu2 Light Play Table attracted people’s attention and invited to play not only the little ones but adults as well. Light works miracles! As we are used to its warm light, we were sure that … daugiau

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Being Kind Together

This year Easter will be different than ever before. We will not be surrounded by our relatives but we can still be grateful for the awakening of nature. Let’s stop for a moment and feel some joy together. At this … daugiau

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How to Adapt and Present Activities to Parents at Home?

We have repeatedly been asked about distance education – “Where should I find tasks for children?” Every time we are surprised by this question as you already know everything! The form of education has changed, but the methods remain the … daugiau

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How to Organize Your Homeschool?

As quarantine continues, parents must arm themselves with patience and get some order in the abundance of information. Every day we see countless links and play ideas what to at home with kids. To make things easier for you, we created … daugiau

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How to Adapt to the Change during Quarantine?

Coronavirus is our reality nowadays and we hope that each of us is taking measures to ensure our well-being. Educators and parents are facing a great challenge to reorganize children’s education at home. New ways and materials are helping to adapt to … daugiau

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5 is Better than 1 – Let’s Play with Senses

Five Senses Sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste are five senses that every child at a certain age can list. Since the moment a child is born, he starts exploring the world through senses. Babies touch everything and put things … daugiau

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5 Days in the Interior Design Fair and What We Did Not Expect in Paris

5 days, 3000 exhibitors, and almost 90 000 visitors – this is the statistics of one of the biggest international interior design fair – ‘Maison et Objet’. This September in Paris we participated in a fair together with eight Lithuanian companies … daugiau

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Why do we need separate activity zones in the kindergarten?

Autumn is just around the corner and we are eager to take a look at kindergarten’s classrooms to prepare for little ones comeback. A day in a kindergarten consists of dozen different activities for children. Having different zones for each … daugiau

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